Taking a stab at paper making!

Recently I was given the assignment to create a piece using a single sheet of black and white construction paper in my 'Art on Paper' class. My instructor stipulated that while I was allowed to draw on or add materials to the paper, any part of the paper that was cut away had to be reintroduced.

Click the picture above to check out the rest of the progress shots!

I decided to keep to my usual working method at first, cutting the black construction paper into a rooster. The white paper, I shredded and tossed with scraps of black paper in a bowl of water in preparation for paper making. Some of the black paper was reserved and cut into micro slivers to serve as a fibrous addition to the paper pulp after blending. Except for the panel I mounted the piece onto at the end this piece is created with nothing but those original two pieces of paper.

I'm not sure how or if paper making will fit into my current art practice but I enjoyed the process.